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Queensland is made up of more than 50% tropical climate. While it’s beautiful and attracts millions of tourists each year, that tropical climate is the perfect recipe for large storms and cyclones. In fact, 4 of Australia’s 7 recorded category cyclones impacted Queensland residents with 8 cyclones in Queensland between January 2018 and April 2020 alone.

These cyclones leave tens, even hundreds, of millions of dollars in damage each year, impacting homeowners, business owners and more. To help protect their homes, the Queensland Government has rolled out the QLD Government Household Resilience Program to give homeowners essential funding in the most impacted regions of the state.

Phase four of the Queensland Government Household Resilience Program is now open, and is set to close in September 2024. This is the information you need to find out if you’re eligible and how it can increase your home’s cyclone protection.

Talk to Great Barriers for Help With Your Household Resilience Program

Great Barriers is making it easier for eligible homeowners to gain funding through the Household Resilience Program. We can advise you on your potential eligibility, what you need to apply and provide you with the quotes you need to get approved. Contact us today for more information.

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About the Queensland Household Resilience Program

Eligible homeowners can receive up to $15,000 (including GST) in funding to help add cyclone protection to their home. The initiative is funded by the Queensland Government to help reduce potential damage to homes caused by cyclones and severe weather events between Bundaberg and the QLD/NT border within 50km of the coastline.

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Who is eligible for the Household Resilience Program?

To be eligible for the Queensland Government Household Resilience Program, you must:


  • Be a homeowner of a free-standing, detached house built before 1984 that does not include legal entities, such as trusts, corporations or businesses. 
  • Live within 50km of the coastline between Bundaberg and the Queensland/Northern Territory border.
  • Live in the home as your primary place of residence.
  • Meet the income eligibility requirements.
  • Not have received funding under a previous phase of the program.

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Income requirements:

To meet eligibility requirements, your total household must be less than:

  • $61,322 for 1 adult.
  • $84,782 for 2 adults.
  • $108,242 for 3 adults.
  • $131,702 for 4 adults.
  • $84,841 for a sole parent with 1 child.
  • $105,184 for a sole parent with 2 children.
  • $125,527 for a sole parent with 3 children.
  • $105,125 for a couple with 1 child.
  • $125,468 for a couple with 2 children.
  • $145,811 for a couple with 3 children.

Allowances also apply for:

  • $391 for each additional child ($20,343 per year).
  • $451 for each additional adult (23,460 per year).

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What can the Household Resilience Program be used for?

Great Barriers Security and Privacy can provide the following window and door protection for your home under the grant funding:

For a quote, to find out if you’re eligible or help with your application, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team at Great Barriers.


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How Security Screens & Roller Shutters Can Help Protect Your Home From Cyclones

Security screens and roller shutters are just two of the cyclone protection additions covered by the Queensland Household Resilience Program. And for good reasons. High-quality and professionally installed security screens and roller shutters can help protect your home during cyclones by:

  • Preventing your windows and doors from flying open from high winds.
  • Significantly reducing the risk of windows or door glass being broken by high winds and debris.
  • Reduce the risk of water seeping into the house through the windows. 
  • Stopping flying debris from penetrating windows and doors.

Installing security screens and roller shutters to your home can also help protect you from looters after cyclones and major weather events. It reduces the ability to see into your home and makes it harder to gain access through windows. 

ForceField security screens and Cyclone-Safe roller shutters are highly recommended additions for homes in areas frequently impacted by storms and cyclones. It’s why the Queensland Government is helping homeowners protect their homes with assistance through the Household Resilience Program.

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Other benefits of security screens and roller shutters:

Of course, roller shutters and blinds have many other benefits to help protect your home and increase its value. Some of the benefits of security screens and roller shutters include:

  • Increased privacy.
  • Enhanced security by making it harder to access windows and doors.
  • Reduced Energy bills by trapping hot air inside during winter and reducing the temperature inside the home during summer.
  • Increased home value from the benefits they add to the house.
  • Elevated storm and cyclone protection.
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