Great Barriers supply and install Rollease Acmeda blinds and shade systems. Rollease Acmeda is an Australian company producing premium quality innovative shade hardware paired with Great Barriers selection of premium quality fabrics to suit any interior design.

Whether you choose Romans, Verticals or Venetians, at Great Barriers, we ensure seamless control of your shades with manual and motorised options, including seamless integration with home automation systems and smart home control.

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Smart Home Automation

Smart Home automation is making its way into the spotlight as a convenient, comfortable, lifestyle solution that allows you to control a variety of different products in your home.

Easily connect your Automate™ Shades using our Automate™ Pulse Hub to the popular systems below and take shade control to the next level.
Automate Pulse - Home automation system

Automate Pulse

Whether you are at home or away, Automate Pulse allows you to accurately control your shades via the animated interface on your smartphone.
Alexa - Home automation system

Alexa - Automate Voice Control

Whether you are at home or away, Automate Pulse allows you to accurately control your shades via the animated interface on your smartphone.
Google Home and IFTTT  - Home automation system

Google Home & IFTTT

Integrating Google Home with your Automate™ shades gives you a more convenient and easier control via a simple voice command. Use your Google phone for shade control on the go.

IFTTT - Home automation system


IFTTT (If This Then That) is the easy, free way to get your apps and devices working together. This online tool connects services to create new experiences, such as weather apps offering the ability to detect sunrise and opening shades - offering a seamless experience.
Smart Home Automation Systems

Smart Home Automation Systems

The most premium and advanced Smart Automation Home Controls, control shades, lighting, entertainment, security, climate, and other connected devices all via one convenient control/device. Automate plugs into/ is compatible with each of these solutions to ensure premium shade control.
Serial Communications - Home automation system

Serial Communications

The serial library includes commands for comprehensive control of Automate devices.


Roller Blinds

Rollease Acmeda roller blinds are designed with innovation in mind. Our hardware solutions offer interchangeable components to suit a variety of manufacturing and installation needs and the operational efficiency to enhance the end-user experience.
Spring Operated Roller blinds - Home security & Privacy Cairns

Spring Operated Roller Blinds

To assist lifting heavier blinds, attach an Easy-Lift spring booster to reduce user effort. Boosters are available in standard or heavy duty versions to suit our small, medium & large roller blind systems.
Chain Operated Roller blinds - Home security & Privacy Cairns

Chain Operated Roller Blinds

The established RB08 chain control is a popular reliable solution, while our latest patented RB09 ... Read more
Aero - Child safe roller blinds - Home security & Privacy Cairns

Aero - Child Safe Roller Blinds

Aero is a groundbreaking, child-safe roller shade series consisting of a dual shade cassette controlled by one single chain or chain-free mechanism along with a single shade configuration option.
 Crank Gear Operated Rollers - Home security & Privacy Cairns

Crank Gear Operated Roller Blinds

The Crank Gear System brings a heavy weight operation to the medium and large Rollease Acmeda range with the ability to carry up to 9Kg's for medium & up to 26Kg's for large gear systems.

Motorised Roller blinds  - Home security & Privacy Cairns

Motorised Roller Blinds

Our high-quality AUTOMATE range includes mechanical limit, electronic limit and wirefree motors with specialised features such as impact detection for blind fabric preservation, ultra-quiet ... Read more
Linking Systems - Home security & Privacy Cairns

Linking Systems

The revolutionary Easy-Link™ bracket system allows multiple blinds to be connected and controlled by a single mechanism, or independently to reduce light gaps between shades.
Roller Accessories - Home security & Privacy Cairns

Roller Blind Accessories

We offer a range of bottom weight bars in a variety of shapes & sizes to finish off any roller blind, from the smallest to the extreme systems. An ... Read more
Cassettes / Valance Blinds  - Home security & Privacy Cairns

Cassettes / Valance Blinds

Our fully enclosed headbox and valance systems are available in round and square to suit small, medium or large rollers. A fascia acts as a decorative cover, whilst the cassette systems provide extra ... Read more
Skylights - Home security & Privacy Cairns


Our Skylight systems provide an enhanced light blockout solution for horizontal or sloped window applications. The z-LOCK and Zipscreen skylight systems provide side fastening for fabric, which is essential for performance of a horizontal or sloped solution.


Roman Blinds & Shades

Chain Operated Romans blinds or roman shades - Home security & Privacy Cairns

Chain Operated Romans

The new SS38 Roman Blind system offers a range of applications, a fresh contemporary design and many functional benefits. Able to achieve straight or angled vertical drop, as well as sloping ... Read more
Motorised Roman blinds or shades - Home security & Privacy Cairns

Motorised Romans

Rollease Acmeda's SS40 Heavy Duty Motorised System provides a superior heavy duty motorised solution for soft shades. The exceptional performance of this heavy duty system is further enhanced with the addition of a bearer, idler and octagonal tube achieving up to 4m drops.
Spool Systems - Home security & Privacy Cairns

Spool Systems

The Rollease Acmeda Roller Spool System brings together the features and benefits of either the medium or large roller systems to provide an alternative solution for Roman Shades.
Batten Systems - Home security & Privacy Cairns

Batten Systems

The Macro Batten features a smooth and slimline design, with an increased opening to cater for fabrics of any weight thickness. It also includes firm fitting cord clips and end cap accessories.


Vertical and Venetian Blinds

 Vertical blinds and shades system - Home security & Privacy Cairns

Vertical Blinds

Traditional Vertical Blinds are an excellent choice for large windows or door panels, providing controlled sunlight into your home through sleek looking tilting slats. Offering cord or wand control devices available in an array of colours to compliment your interior.
Venetian blinds and shade Systems - Home security & Privacy Cairns

Venetian Blinds

Our range of Venetian systems include manual and motorised control mechanisms, neatly housed with a headbox, along with a vast assortment of accessories to suit various colours.


Internal Blinds & Shades

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