Power Saving Benefits Of Blinds & Awnings In Cairns

Blinds and awnings can be seen on a variety of buildings around town, including homes. They have many benefits, including protecting people and belongings from the harsh rays of the sun and attracting attention to a business.

However, one of the biggest perks of using blinds and awnings is their money-saving perks, especially in your home. Here at Great Barriers Security and Privacy, we've put together some of the ways blinds and awnings in Cairns can help reduce power costs for your home.

Block the Sun

Awnings, when placed properly, can reduce a large amount of the solar gain that comes through your windows when it’s hot outside. Some experts estimate that awnings can help reduce solar gain by as much as 77 percent. Naturally, this helps reduce the amount of air conditioning you need during the summer. And you know that using the air conditioner less often means a lower energy bill. Blinds can also do this job, though not to the same degree as awnings. But either product is going to save you some money on your energy bill.

Hold the Heat In

When it comes to holding heat in your home during the winter, blinds are a great choice. When they’re closed, you can keep your house warmer, even when the temperature outside drops. Much like awnings can keep it cool during the summer, lowering your energy costs, blinds will do the same job in the winter. The trick is to keep them mostly closed because if they’re open, they aren’t trapping the heat inside in the same way.

Protect Your Furniture, Rugs and Floors

Another great reason to have blinds or awnings is that they can help block the sun from beating on your furniture, rugs and flooring. When this happens over time, you will notice fading, which doesn’t look good and compromises the function of these items as it breaks down their materials. By blocking the sun, you can protect your belongings and ensure that they last longer.

Protect Your Family

You probably already know that prolonged sun exposure can lead to an increased risk of skin cancer. This is true of the sun’s rays that come in through the windows of your home too. Using blinds or awnings can help block UV rays, keeping your family safe, especially in areas of the house where there is a lot of sunlight throughout the day.

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