Security is at the forefront of every Australian property owner's mind right now, with unstable conditions only increasing the likelihood of burglaries and theft.

With many commercial buildings left unattended due to new work-from-home protocols, and home offices housing expensive tech, installing efficient security screens to secure your premises is of more importance than ever.

Mesh vs grille: What type of security screens are the best?

Prowler Proof security screens and doors are a leading solution for Australian businesses and homeowners who want to protect their property and possessions from outside intruders.

If you are deciding on what type of screen or door to install there are a number of design options to choose from.

Both our mesh and grille security screens are stringently tested and certified to withstand approved Australian standards for both impact and corrosion testing; however, each option offers pros and cons, predominantly from a design and aesthetic aspect.

Here we run you through the main points to consider.

Mesh Security Screens

Mesh designs such as Prowler Proof ForceField screens are constructed by fusing together different connected strands of fine materials or fibres. A stainless-steel option is preferable to prevent rusting and corrosion, especially if your screen will not be protected from the elements.


-A modern look that can be customised to fit your interior and exterior design preferences.

- Mesh screens can additionally be used to regulate airflow.

- Choose from sliding, hinged mesh door screens as well as window security screens.

- Different finishes are available to provide a clear view or privacy as preferred.

- Keep out insects and pests.


- Depending on preference, some people may prefer the traditional design of a grille security screen.

Grille security screens

Grille security screens, for example Prowler Proof Diamond Design security screens or the Heritage Design security screens, are crafted from metal and are preferred by many who enjoy a more traditional look. As well as fixed security bars and hexagonal grilles, decorative window bar arrangements are a popular choice.


- Crafted from steel, iron or metal alloys, they can be coated and painted as desired in a range of colours and finishes.

- Are available in a range of designs to complement period features such as window shutters.

- They let in natural light and do not contain the flow of fresh air from outside.

- Do not keep out insects or pests.

- Grille window screens do not help in airflow regulation, energy use reduction or temperature control.


- The aesthetic may not be to everyone's liking.

- Some people feel more secure with a mesh security screen as there are no gaps.

To discuss your requirements and run through your options, contact us at Great Barriers Security and Privacy today.