Many homeowners with animals install pet doors without even thinking about it. They give your animal, cat or dog, the basic freedom to go in and out of the house as they choose. For working pet owners, these doors allow them to feel reassured about their pets throughout the day. However, if you are worried about how your pet door affects your security screens in Cairns, then you need to talk to Great Barrier Security and Privacy about your concerns.

An entryway into your house

When you install a pet door, particularly a dog door, you are providing a convenient entrance into your house. Your pet might not be the only ones to take advantage of this access to your home, and burglars and intruders may also find it convenient.

Access to your property

If you have a smaller pet dog, then naturally a human size intruder won't be able to get completely into the house. However, they may be able to reach their arm around to unlock your doors, or simply put their heads through to get a better view of your home. Particularly if you have high fences, thieves may feel comfortable doing this even in the middle of the day. Even if you buy a lot of Great Barrier Security and Privacy screens for your home, you could still be tempting burglars with an easy to open door.

Finding the right pet door

A lot of modern pet doors have the ability to secure their entrances so that they are not as easy to break into as standard pet doors. You can find a number of different doors that will allow your pet easy access to their home without also allowing intruders to gain access.

Installing in the right location

Great Barrier Security and Privacy always recommend that you install your pet door as far away from the lock and handle of the door as possible. You may also consider installing the entrance in a screen door, which will allow you to shut and lock your internal door when you don't want your pet to leave, and to protect your home against intruders.

Talk to us about pet door security

When you want to know more about putting pet doors into your home, including into the security screens of your Cairns residence, talk to Great Barrier Security and Privacy today. You can call us on 0422-123-381 now.

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