At Great Barriers Security & Privacy, we source, sell and install security doors Cairns home and business owners can count on.

But what does it take to produce a reliable barrier against intruders? Read on, as we lift the lid to answer the burning question: “Do security doors really prevent theft?”

Security Doors Designed For Security & Style

To begin with, any door we add to a home or business would need to be designed, not just for good security but also for good looks.

We look for security doors that will stand the test of time. As the field narrowed, Prowler Proof became the standout brand. This is a product line that stands up to all manner of testing, as you’ll soon see.

Prowler Proof security screens can be finished in any of 50 powder-coat colours. Choose the look that will suit your property—from autumnal hues and colours that evoke Australian flora and fauna, to elegant Black Satin.

Black is often described as the absence of colour. This quality makes it the least obtrusive option. Black is less noticeable in your field of vision because it doesn’t reflect light.

Regardless of the colour, or lack of it, what will not escape a would-be intruder is the impenetrable construction of Prowler Proof security screens and doors.

How Security Screens and Doors are Tested

Prowler Proof security doors and windows humble the toughest Australian Standards (AS 5039-2008). The security mesh is pulled, probed and knifed. It undergoes a jemmy test and is assaulted with heavy impacts.

With the dynamic impact test, the security screen needs to show that it could withstand an attempt by a very bad man to kick his way in. So the screen is smashed with a bag full of sand and lead shot. To hammer it home, the test is repeated 5 times. The bag weighs more than 40 kg and the force used is 100 joules.

Prowler Proof’s ForceField® security screens actually handle more than 16 times that force—much more than any human could apply.

What if an intruder tries to lever their way in? The jemmy test takes a hefty screwdriver and applies up to 450 N (45 kg) of force to the door’s locking, hinging and fastening points. The force is well beyond the efforts of a potential intruder.

The security door is also subjected to pulling forces of up to 2 kN (200 kg) for 20 seconds at various positions. A probe test is designed to simulate an intruder trying to get his hand into a gap to unlock the door. The Prowler Proof security screen, despite a deflecting force of 1.5 kN (150 kg) applied to opposing sides of the opening, prevents access to the lock by refusing to yield.

The knife shear test involves trying to carve the security screen with a heavy-duty trimming knife, using 150 N (15 kg) of force vertically and up to 350 N (35 kg) horizontally. This test is repeated 3 times, over the same path, with a new blade each time.

Another shear test simulates cutting pliers. The shearing tool applies increasing pressure until it breaks a sample strand on the security screen. To pass this test, the breaking force must be at least 3 kN (300 kg).

The tight weave on the Prowler Proof ForceField® security mesh prevents the pliers from getting a grip. But the average breaking point of a strand, even when isolated, betters the standard by more than 60%.

Prowler Proof security doors are welded—stronger than screws and rivets—and the look is streamlined.

These security doors are all Australian. They cruise through the 1,000 hour salt spray test (AS 2331), which is perpetrated with a solution saltier than sea water, in an enclosed chamber at +35º C and almost 100% humidity.

What’s Next?

When it comes to Security Doors in Cairns, we know Prowler Poof is the way to go. The final tip is there’s a full replacement warranty.

To secure your property, your next move is simple.  Call Great Barriers Security & Privacy today.

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