Choose The Right Security For Your Home

When you are thinking about adding a new security screen to your Cairns home, you need to think about the different options available, and choose one which is best for you.

If you want to avoid burglary or the threat of invaders to your property, you need to find a team like Great Barriers Security and Privacy, professionals with many years of experience who can offer you advice about the best security screens for your Cairns home.

What is the purpose of security screens?

If you have not already had some kind of security screen fitted to your home, then you may not know exactly what they are used for. The fact is that they are not only designed to protect you against intruders or prevent burglary, but also to allow you to open your door without letting in unwanted insects.

Forcefield screens

These will allow you to combine modern design and tough security. They can be virtually invisible while also impenetrable. These screens are fitted into a strong aluminium frame and made with marine grade stainless steel mesh and  Great Barriers Security and Privacy can fit them into a number of hinged doors and windows.

Diamond screens

These give you great protection from intruders at a very low rate. Their one-piece design can give you great transparency, resistance to insects and a strong security screen to deter intruders. They can be installed with no
screws or rivets, making it much harder for them to be removed.

Protec screens

These offer highly machined frames from a single aluminium sheet, which are particularly great if you need more security and privacy. It is also protective against solar rays and insect intrusion and can be fitted by Great Barriers Security and Privacy when you want.

Heritage design screens

If you like the look of traditional heritage screens and want a classic style, then you can choose these screens, each with unique look that will add to the attraction of your home. Consider these today when looking for elegant and strong security screens.

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