Security Screens Have A Number Of Benefits

When it comes to securing your home, doors and windows are the first line of defence and often can be the weakest. Installing a Cairns security screen system is the first point of entry intruders will tackle, so it pays to invest accordingly.

According to Budget Direct, 20.3 per cent of Australian homes have been burgled at some point, and it can take less than 5 minutes for 75 per cent of burglars to enter a property that is not secured correctly.  Not only do security screens help with break-ins, but they can add value to your home.

Here are five reasons why security screens can help improve your home.

1. Security

    If you're thinking of installing screens on your doors and windows, have a good think about what type of screen options are available. For optimal security look for screens which maximise airflow but still have the state-of-the-art automation and remote access solutions for gate automation, intercoms, CCTV security, monitored automated external blinds and awnings. The increased level of security will reduce the risk of being targeted because the outside can see them.

    2. Home Office

    With the new standards of working from home well and truly in practice due to the current pandemic, more people will be working from home in the future. The Australian Institute's Centre for Future Work has stated that fewer than 15 per cent of Australians can work full time from home, but that will double to around 30 per cent as businesses adapt in the future, which is approximately 4 million workers.

    More people working from home equates to more valuable office technology, computers and equipment in the house and potentially more reasons for break-ins for burglars. There are also great ways to personalise your office space with a range of internal blinds in manual and motorised options and smart home automation set-up to have your home office feeling modern and updated.

    3. Increase the value of the home

    Whether you're thinking of selling in the future or want to update your home, installing security screen doors can boost first impressions and increase the value of your property. Long gone are the ugly and clunky security screens which can detract from you home. Consider a stylish option like Forcefield screens which offer the perfect blend of modern design and robust security. They're practically invisible and impenetrable for intruders and pests.

    4. Keep out Insects

    As Australians, once we head into the warmer months, we're used to grabbing the Mortein spray to keep pesky insects at bay. It's never a natural balance between letting fresh air into the home and securing insects stay out unless you install security screen doors.

    Look for screens that have welded seams and corners rather than screws like the durable Prowler Proof Insect Screens. Screens like these are both eidetically pleasing and also durable enough made from stainless steel mesh for added bushfire protection.

    5. Improved Ventilation

    Natural light and fresh air ventilation are two of the most coveted things people are looking for in their homes. Unfortunately, keeping doors and windows open to get this appeal are becoming harder in current times because of increased crime rates.

    The right security door can allow you to open up your home and let in an abundance of natural light, creating an open space without the worry of intruders. There are many different options to create better airflow through your home, so you and your family can feel looked after in your home.

    For help choosing the right security screen system for your home, speak to one of our experts at Great Barriers Security and Privacy today for a free quote!